Month: April 2021

“Federal Army for Federal Democracy”: The Dawn of Myanmar’s New Politics

Myanmar's peoples of all ethnic backgrounds are undergoing a revolutionary process. Ms Suu Kyi may have to be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice: give up her centre stage in order that a revolution can grow and succeed in its revolutionary mission: a federal army and federal democracy. Otherwise, the pursuit of federalism in Myanmar will continue to be the Achilles’ heel for all democrats and federalists, the majority and...

/ April 9, 2021

Informational Autocrats are on the rise in Southeast Asia: Opinion by a Co-Founder of FORSEA

Thai authorities want to arrest Pavin Chachavalpongpun, a co-founder of FORSEA and associate professor at Kyoto University. In an interview with DW, Pavin slams the new generation of autocrats who are engaged in information manipulation.

/ April 8, 2021

The Geopolitics of the Global War on Terror Third International Conference on Islamophobia, Istanbul, Turkey, 28 March 2021

The whistleblower on Myanmar's genocide of Rohingyas, Maung Zarni, dissected the 4-decades of policies and practices of genocidal persecution of the national minority who live in their ancestral home region of Western Myanmar.

/ April 7, 2021

Like China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, Thailand’s regime hunts down its opponents around the world

What is happening to dissidents in Thailand must be exposed and discussed within the context of the ruthless tactics adopted by the despotic regimes of China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. It is time that the West sees the true nature of the Thai monarchy: a despotic regime that harasses, threatens, and kills its critics.

/ April 5, 2021

FORSEA Co-organises an Online Music Fest to Aid Thai Protesters

M.O.B., standing for “Melody of Bravery”, is a congregation of Thai singers that sing for public donation. The initiative behind M.O.B. stems from the fact that human rights organisations in Thailand, in their attempt to offer different types of legal support for those arrested, are in urgent financial need.

/ April 2, 2021

Enforcing Alliances: Containing China in East Asia

China has accrued formidable economic power, and is now beginning to channel greater quantities of that power into military modernization. Its primary purpose is overseas force projection in a great arc ranging from the Sea of Japan to the Indian Ocean. Asia’s Pacific rim states have become a primary target for incorporation into a China-centered world system that aims to exclude American influence.

/ April 2, 2021