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Jude Lal Fernando is assistant professor in the School of Religion, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin), and the director of the Trinity Centre for Post-Conflict Justice. He is the author of "Religion, Conflict and Peace in Sri Lanka: The Politics of Interpretation of Nationhoods" (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2013), and the editor of "Resistance to Empire and Militarization: Reclaiming the Sacred" (Sheffield: Equinox, 2020) and "Faith in the Face of Militarization: Indegenous, Feminist and Interreligious Voices" (Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2021). He was the coordinator of the Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka and lives in exile in the Republic of Ireland.

The USA’s Pivot towards Asia and the Genocidal Massacre of Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka

There needs to be a broader alliance amongst oppressed peoples in Asia who demand their right to homeland. It is necessary to extend solidarity to each other’s political struggles; it is also important to develop a common campaign to resist the USA/UK-led military paradigm in Asia which is backed by India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, and so on, amongst whom the Sri Lankan state is at the heart...

/ May 18, 2021