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Sovicheth Meta is a translator and researcher at the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam), which catalogues historical materials from the genocidal Khmer Rouge period from 1975 to 1979. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the Institute of Foreign Language of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She first worked for DC-Cam in June 2018 as a volunteer for six months. During this time, she had the opportunity to conduct research on the Khmer Rouge regime, listen to survivors, and see primary source documents, which inspired her to seek and obtain a more permanent position at the center so she could contribute to her country’s struggle for identity in the wake of the Khmer Rouge regime and educate the next generation.

Sovicheth Meta, our new board member: Her take on Genocide Education and Empathy

As one of the generation born 20 years after the genocidal regime in my country, I am optimistic that peace, justice, and harmony will prevail when we stand in solidarity to speak out and stand up against all forms of hatred, discrimination, racism, and social injustice.

/ January 13, 2021