In this 3-minute TV interview on Deutsche Welle News Agency of Germany, Dr Maung Zarni points out that the Burmese military leadership’s promise of creating conditions for free and fair elections in a multiparty system has absolutely no credibility with the Burmese electorates.

He pointed out that the coup regime’s latest move to reinvent itself as “Caretaker” government is the vicious repeat of the pattern of deceiving Myanmar public which began with General Ne Win intervening in electoral politics in September 1958 – under the same “Caretaker Government” label.

The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing who self-appointed himself as Prime Minister of the Caretaker Government will very likely be issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court by 2023 for his leading role in Myanmar’s crimes against humanity against 1 million Rohingya Muslims, he stressed.

FORSEA founder also highlighted that Myanmar public overwhelmingly reject the military meddling in politics and consider the institution – not just one or two bad generals – terrorist organization, since it has resorted to terroristic policies and practices against the civilians who oppose the coup.

Broadcast on DW TV, August 1, 2021 at 18:15 GMT.

Posted by FORSEA