In his article in the The Washington Post, Pavin Chachavalpongpun, FORSEA’s director of multimedia, argues that the recent elections in Thailand, held on 24 March 2019, may not pave the way for greater democracy in the country. Instead, the elections were exploited to delay the democratisation process.

Illegitimate Means to Steal an Election Victory

The old elites, presented by the army, are striving to preserve their interests through the elections. But instead of upholding the electoral process, they cling on to illegitimate means to steal an election victory with the help of the Election Commission (EC).

The Thai monarchy has also played a part in delaying democracy. It choses to directly intervene in politics against what is stipulated in the constitution – which says – the monarchy must stay above politics.

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How Thailand’s Election Undercuts the Prospects for Democracy

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