With no exception, ALL Organized Religions have been used by political communities as spiritual and intellectual justifications for Genocides, Wars, Violence, Exclusions, Gender Discrimination, Empire-Building and Continental Land Grabs.

The  Buddhist Order’s involvement in atrocity crimes and  instrumental roles in instilling religious bigotry and “spiritual supremacy” has been documented in Theravada Buddhist countries with multi-faith national communities such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. Typically. there exists a cancerous link between institutions of political and military power and the organized religion of the dominant population.

In the upcoming episode of our dialogue series on Democratic Struggles, FORSEA and Asia Center are co-hosting an hour-long discussion on the impact of the 2021 MILITARY COUP, specifically on the country’s religious – and also ethnic – Minorities in Myanmar. The FORSEA host Dr Maung Zarni and the Distinguished Guest Dr James Gomez, Regional Director of Asia Center will dialogue the center’s latest research report on the missuses of Buddhism by Myanmar political and military establishment to advance its strategic political objectives.

A report launch & discussion, co-sponsored by Asia Center & FORSEA Download report here: https://t.co/c2aYDkf5sY


Tuesday 13 June, 2023

4:30-5:30pm Yangon | 5:00-6:00pm Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and Phnom Penh | 6:00-7:00 pm Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

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