Month: November 2023

Burn in Hell, Mr. Kissinger. Finally, the Evil Incarnate, if glorified in the circles of States, is dead.

Kissinger, the self-perceived "lone cowboy" who thought he was "never wrong", but who was culpable in genocides, destabilised nations, and left a worldwide trail of corpses and destruction, is dead at 100.

/ November 30, 2023

Israeli Ecocide Brings Renewed Interest in the Crime

The severe and long-term impacts on the natural environment in Gaza – including impacts to soil, ground and underground water systems – are both a deliberate act and the predictable outcome of the ISRAEL DEATH FORCE (IDF)'s relentless intentional, systematic destruction of Gaza's neighbourhoods including hospitals, schools, universities, residential buildings, churches, and mosques over the last 6 weeks.

/ November 29, 2023

Gaza’s Children & Our Rohingya Children: A Tale of Israeli and Myanmar Genocides

We, the Rohingya have been chased from our homelands through a series of massacres and Burmese military campaigns since 1978. Our villages have been exterminated and wiped out of all maps. The Palestinian situation is just the same, if not, even worse.

/ November 28, 2023

Perpetual Systematic Violence and Perennial Violence in the Muslim Crescent: Palestinians, Bangladeshis, and Rohingyas

"If you want to see where the main state and human security threats in the future will be, look at the Muslim crescent, not the South China Sea."

/ November 15, 2023

“One Holocaust Does NOT Justify Another”: Britain’s National March for Palestine and the World’s Moral Majority

Saturday's march which drew Britons from beyond London – thousands took buses or trains from across the UK – is clear testament to the global consensus moral position among hundreds of millions of people around the world.

/ November 14, 2023

Analysis: The situation of Myanmar’s eastern Shan state now under effective control of the resistance’s Three Brother Alliance

While the coup regime plays its old record of "Myanmar's break-up" to scaremonger the public and state-centric international community, and foreign observers sound the alarm of "Balkanization", the resistance movements are building a web of politically autonomous regions, guided by their common vision of post-junta Myanmar as a loose confederation of collaborative ethnic communities.

/ November 11, 2023


A poem by Abdelfattah Abusrour PhD, a visionary arts educator from the West Bank, Occupied Palestine.

/ November 9, 2023

Speech by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad for Global Solidarity and Rally for Free Palestine

Watch the the pre-recorded address of HE Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad for Global Solidarity and Rally for Free Palestine on 4th Nov 2023. See video of the full event.

/ November 5, 2023