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Raïss Tinmaung is the country coordinator for Canada at Free Rohingya Coalition. He is the founder and board chair of the Rohingya Human Rights Network, a volunteer run Rohingya advocacy network in Canada; and Rohingya Empowerment Projects, a grassroots run portfolio of schools and vocational training programs at the Rohingya refugee camps and villages. He is originally from the township of Akyab, Burma, and he currently lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Gaza’s Children & Our Rohingya Children: A Tale of Israeli and Myanmar Genocides

We, the Rohingya have been chased from our homelands through a series of massacres and Burmese military campaigns since 1978. Our villages have been exterminated and wiped out of all maps. The Palestinian situation is just the same, if not, even worse.

/ November 28, 2023