As part of SHAPE’s mission to expose the perils of confrontation in the nuclear age and explore pathways to a safer, just and sustainable future, this webinar will explore the rising militarism in the Asia Pacific region, and the threat it poses to regional and global security. Importantly the webinar will go beyond analysis. It will offer creative ideas on what can be done to avert a major disaster and move the Asia-Pacific region from confrontation to cooperative coexistence.

Date & Time

Tuesday 4 July 2023
(Hawaii 5:00pm, Los Angeles 7:00pm, New York 10:00pm)
Wednesday 5 July 2023
(London 3:00am, Athens 5:00am, New Delhi 7:30am, Jakarta 9:00am, Kuala Lumpur/Perth/Shanghai 10:00am, Tokyo/Seoul 11:00am, Melbourne 12:00pm, Auckland/Fiji 2:00pm)


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