On 1 February 2024, FORSEA co-organized and co-hosted a 4-hour YouTube rally to protest western governments’ unconscionable defunding of the UN Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA). There were a number of organizations which endorsed the protest as co-sponsors such as Hindus for Human Rights, Manojog Pathshala Samiti (India), and Canada-based networks.

The LIVE event was a successful educational and activist event. It drew more than 700+ in LIVE viewership. Watch HERE

The iconic speakers from various national and activist communities contributed to the success of the event through their LIVE participation. Some sent in their pre-recorded messages of solidarity.

Among our sister and brother organizations in Canada and USA are Ontario Palestine Rights Association (OPRA), Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and  Just Peace Advocates (of Canada), Speaking Out of Place podcast program and Free Rohingya Coalition.

FORSEA is posting a selection of recorded addresses. The first is the recorded solidarity message from the renowned black feminist revolutionary, scholar and public intellectual Angela Davis.


UNRWA was established in 1949 to aid over 700,000 survivors of Zionist genocide in Palestine – known in Palestinian as Nakba – of 1948. This genocide was a foundational vehicle for the Establishment of the State of Israel as a settler colony made up of mass implants of Christian Europe’s un-wanted Jewish populations.     

Watch Angela Davis Message of Solidarity for the Free Rohingya Coalition



Banner: Angela Davis at Oregon State University. Wikipedia Commons

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