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Chu May Paing is a writer, anthropologist, and decolonial-feminist in progress. Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar and currently a migrant in the US, Chu is infatuated with the migrants’ stories of diasporic kinship, belonging, and refusal towards their newly adapted ways of life. She is interested in engaging with the concepts of temporal positionalities, intense feelings, and shifting materialities in attempting to understand what it means to be a human. Chu believes that the personal is truly the political and therefore aspires to use authoethnography as a critical reflexive tool of refusal against the white, masculine, and colonial gaze. Chu is a founder and co-director at Aruna Global South, a non-profit promoting experimental scholarship and systematically marginalized scholars and thinkers working in, on, and from the Asian Global South. When she is not questioning her own privileged upbringings as a bama Buddhist woman, she writes against whiteness and neocoloniality in academia and in Burma. Chu also writes in Burmese under the pen name Ma Chinthe (Miss Lion). Chu’s personal website: Ma Chinthe: Aruna Global South:

Ejected Spaceship

Poem by Chu May Paing.

/ August 16, 2023

Opinion: Is Neocolonial Education a Solution to “Military Slave Education”?

As educators continue to contribute to Myanmar's Spring Revolution, it is vital to keep asking ourselves: Could the white supremacist neocolonial education really be a solution to the military slave education and other internal oppressive structures in Myanmar society?

/ June 22, 2022