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Gabriela Bernal is a political analyst and freelance writer based in Seoul, South Korea. She holds graduate degrees from King's College London and Sciences Po Paris. She previously interned at the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs in Bangkok, Thailand

The Milk Tea Alliance: How Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are supporting each other’s fight for democracy

With the world in shambles and leadership severely lacking, young people are proving that they are not afraid to fight for a better future and to stand together throughout this process. That is the true power and potential of this Milk Tea Alliance.

/ August 20, 2020
FORSEA South China Sea

Standing Up to the Giant: Analysing Vietnam’s Efforts in the South China Sea

The only way to avoid all-out conflict breaking out in the South China Sea is to present a strong collective front among ASEAN nations and for the international community to urge China to fully abide by international law.

/ September 4, 2019


It would do the president good to look at those who came before him, especially the all-popular Marcos, and learn that true power lies in the trust the people have in their leader.

/ June 1, 2019