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TULUS T.H. TAMBUNAN is a professor of Economics at Trisakti University, Indonesia. Currently he is also the director of the Center for Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Business Competition Studies in the same university. He holds a PhD in economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has done many studies on various issues related to micro, small and medium enterprises, economic crises, regional trade, and inclusive development. Some of his publications are "The Readiness of MSMEs in Facing ASEAN Economic Community 2015" (New York: Nova Science Publisher, Inc, 2014); "Economic Crisis and Vulnerability: The Story from Southeast Asia (New York: Nova Science" Publishers, Inc, 2011), "Global Economic Crisis and ASEAN Economy. Theory and Empirical Findings" (Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), Saarbrȕcken, 2010), "Trade Liberalization and SMEs in ASEAN" (New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2010), and "SME in Asian Developing Countries"(London: Palgrave Macmillan Publisher, 2009). Other than that, he is also the editor of a new published book in 2019 on "Development of MSMEs in Developing Countries Stories from Asia, Africa and Latin America " (New Delhi: AkiNik Publications), and the chief editor of new online International Journal on SME and Business Sustainability.

Bandung Principles in Question: The Case of ASEAN

The question now is not whether the Bandung Principles need to be completely changed. Certainly not. However, the following two questions need to be discussed: To what extent or under what conditions should a country not intervene in another country? And, if intervention is needed, in what form would this be appropriate?

/ October 7, 2021