How to Fight Inequality and Why That Fight Needs You

A conversation with Ben Philips on FORSEA YouTube LIVE

29 January (Friday) 2 pm GMT (London)

Inequality is an ever-advancing threat to the collective well-being of billions of people today. And yet we do live in a world with its unprecedented wealth which remains concentrated in a few hands.  Extreme inequalities damage a vast majority of fellow humans.

Host:  Dr Maung Zarni, FORSEA co-founder and General Secretary

Guest:  Ben Phillips, the author of How to Fight Inequality (2020), a teacher, a former grassroots ANC activist in S. Africa, campaigner for action with ActionAid, Oxfam and the Fight Inequality Alliance former Resident Fellow on inequality at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, Italy. He has written for the Guardian, the Financial Times, the New Internationalist and Reuters, among others, and appeared regularly on CNN, Al Jazeera and the BBC. He can be followed @benphillips76

29 January (Friday) 2 pm GMT (London)

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