Crises in India: the Collapse of Healthcare Systems, BJP’s Electoral Defeat in West Bengal and Farmers’ Protests

FORSEA Dialogue on Democratic Struggles across Asia

Dr Swagato Sarkar

Speaker: Dr Swagato Sarkar, founding faculty member and former Associate Dean of Jindal School of Government and Public Policy.

India under the populist BJP government of Prime Minister Modi has been gripped with a series of crises – largely self-inflicted – with devastating consequences on the society of 1.4 billion people. Specialist in state-society relations and rural and agrarian transformations, Dr Sarkar is best positioned to explainthe troubling developments in his native India.

Host: Dr Maung Zarni, FORSEA co-founder

Date/Time: Friday May 7, 2021, 7pm India Standard Time (GMT+05:30)


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Friday May 7, 2021, 7pm India Standard Time (GMT+05:30)

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