This past week the United Nations Special Rapporteur On Human Rights Situation Tom Andrew issued a damning report on the merchants of death – Russia, China, India, Singapore and Thailand – who profit from selling weapons to Myanmar’s criminal regime, State Administration Council.

While being in bed with the killers, Myanmar’s Asian neighbours are also extremely hostile to the democratic resistance and, inhumanely, the millions of war- and genocide-refugees that the mass-killings have created.

For some neighbours such as Singapore, getting in bed with the genocidal regime is the signature behaviour of the city-state’s ruling elite.

This is in sharp contrast to how the New Europe – and its pack leader USA – are approaching Ukrainian resistance against another mass-murderous regime, namely Putin’s Russian Federation.

FORSEA is bringing you a small collection of analyses which Myanmar dissidents and researchers themselves have written in both English and Burmese languages.

Reports in English

Reports in Burmese


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