Refugee insecurities: How nation-states force persecuted minorities to become stateless

Forsea co-founder speaks on how states & their inter-state systems, make populations such as Rohingya “stateless”: Hybrid Event, Monash University, Melbourne, 31 August, 2023

In the jargon of the United Nations circles, INGOs, and conventional academics, the term “statelessness” obfuscates what is, in effect, state-organized, legally justified and popularly “morally” sanctioned acts and processes of persecution of one or more marked ­ and typically vulnerable ­ human groups within the artificial “national” borders. Statelessness as such is pregnant with prospects for further and eventual group destruction, or genocide. The policy focus to address this crime of the states against “the wretched of the earth” ought to be, firstly, such criminal act of the states, and, secondly, the impotence of the inter-state system currently called the United Nations (to do anything impactful about the processes & conditions of statelessness). The ugly truth is the United Nations is a system of fictional and Frankansteinian states, that has generally morphed into “evil”. This is contrary to the UN, envisaged originally as “the Nations United against Evil” (of Fascism). Laws, the (nationalised) idea of justice and nation-states have been utilised as “instruments of persecution” against human groups, just as the same ideas and institutions were used in the historical global crimes of slave trade, slavery, Colonialism and continental land.


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