FORSEA is a co-organiser of this event, mimicking the 1985 Live Aid concert, in which pop singers come together to sing in a fundraising initiative for relief, like the 1983-1985 famine in Ethiopia in 1985. Not quite the same however, the Thailand’s M.O.B event is another kind of initiative, one that sets out to raise funds for those arrested by the Thai government during their fight for democracy of Thailand.

Melody of Bravery

M.O.B., standing for “Melody of Bravery”, is a congregation of Thai singers that sing for public donation. Since the end of 2020, as Thai protesters intensified their movement by incessantly calling for the immediate reform of the monarchy, many of them were arbitrarily arrested by the Thai authorities on charges of lèse-majesté which forbids insult against the monarchy carrying a maximum sentence of 15 years. Some were refused bails even before legal proceedings could started.

The initiative behind M.O.B. stems from the fact that human rights organisations in Thailand, in their attempt to offer different types of legal support for those arrested, are in urgent financial need. The needed funds are to be used for the costly legal process as well as in the recruitment of extra manpower to deal with the mountain number of legal cases.

The public is encouraged to donate to a number of organisations and foundations, namely the Rachaprasong Fund, the Da Torpedo Fund, the Human Rights Lawyers Association, and the Thai lawyers for Human Rights. Details can be found at this Facebook page:


M.O.B. brings together artists from different genres to perform. Confirmed artists include Ingrid the Voice, T_047, Fah the Voice, Nice CNX, Sand-Bank, Nui and the Peach Band, Daniel Ryn, LookPeach, Sound of Salim, Patcha, Fluke the Star, the 10th Saturday, Over me, and Waii (Panyarisa Thienprasiddhi).

The concert will take place in Clubhouse (attendees needs an account with Clubhouse), on Saturday, April 3, 2021, from 19:00 Bangkok’s time.

FORSEA serves as a co-organiser to reaffirm its support for democracy in Thailand.


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