FORSEA has produced a special Report on Thailand’s elections, held March 24, 2019, and details the numerous cases of fraud and irregularities in the polls.

In producing the Report, FORSEA collaborated with CSI LA in the United States to compile complaints about dirty tricks employed by the Thai state as well as certain political parties in order to undermine competing political factions and the democratic process.

This report is largely based on information crowdsourced by CSI LA through a purpose-built online page, enabling Thai voters to report instances of fraud and other irregularities observed over a period of 10 days during and around the March 2019 election. CSI LA received thousands of reports from Thai citizens across the country over this period. The information was checked for authenticity and accuracy and only the most verifiably accurate submissions are included in this report.

In light of the evidence put forward in the Report, FORSEA calls for the Thai people – as well as the international community – to reject the elections results and insist on proper and fair elections.

In the election that has just taken place, the junta tried to use the polls as means to assert its legitimacy while maintaining dictatorial control over the country. It is more crucial than ever that the military junta gains no legitimacy from a bogus election.

The FORSEA Board
May 9, 2019


Posted by FORSEA