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Reflections on Progressive Activism in Capitalist “Democracies”

One need only examine the class-and other-divisions in society to realize that capitalist liberal democracy is based in division, not togetherness. The differences are dramatic in employment, housing, education, health, life expectancy, even the environment within which rulers and ruled live.

/ July 10, 2023

From Hedging to Bandwagoning: China’s Shift in Strategy in Securing Its Interests in Post-Coup Myanmar

China has taken advantage of Myanmar’s violent situation. Its economic and strategic gains are being made in blatant disregards of Myanmar’s resistance’s – and the public’s – calls for China to desist from further enabling Myanmar military.

Too Many Massacres, Too Little Prospect for Dialogue: A Sobering Voice from Eastern Myanmar’s War Zone

How feasible or realistic is the “inclusive dialogue” with Min Aung Hlaing’s coup regime? “The Burmese military has killed, tortured, maimed and displaced too many people for there to be any meaningful dialogue.” David Eubank, Founder and Leader, the Free Burma Rangers, 23/6/23,

/ July 5, 2023

How Many Burmas Is Enough? Sidelining Western Imaginaries for Understanding Burma is an Important Step, But Competing Indigenous Imaginaries Also Present Problems

Can Area Studies move beyond the Burman, Burmese-speaking, Buddhist imaginary to understand the country through other indigenous perspectives?

/ July 1, 2023

‘ခုခံရေးလား-တော်လှန်ရေးလား’ Rebellion or Revolution?: A Fundamental Question for the Anti-Coup Myanmar Spring

This Burmese language essay by one of the most critical scholars of Myanmar is very timely, analytical and empirical.

/ June 29, 2023

Understanding 2023 Post-Election Politics in Thailand: A Brief Guide

As the Thai nation remains on edge, Damrong Kraikruan shares insights as to how best to understand what is unfolding politically in post-election Thailand and what likely scenarios there are in terms of the establishment of the next government.

/ June 18, 2023

Myanmar’s spring revolution and the Rohingya genocide

In the case of Rohingyas, they had never been armed in any significant way to fight back against their oppressor, the Myanmar military or the Buddhist majority. So in the case of Rohingya genocide, it was planned in a very cold-blooded manner by the military commanders and their highest level of general staff including the current coup leader Min Aung Hlaing.

/ June 15, 2023

human rights Work

A poem by Natalie Brinham

/ May 25, 2023

Myanmar’s Democrats Soldiering On while Asian Neighbours and Putin’s Russia Arm the Murderous Coup Regime

FORSEA is bringing you a small collection of analyses which Myanmar dissidents and researchers themselves have written in both English and Burmese languages. 

/ May 21, 2023

Who will replace the military in Myanmar? The People’s Answer

The international community need to seriously re-assess the current regressively Westphalian view that Myanmar military is the only organization capable of holding the country together, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

/ April 23, 2023